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This  free hands-on Mini Medical Program is designed to introduce the youth to a career in medicine.  If you decide to join us, remember to put on your scuba gear because once a month every Saturday we are going deep.  Bloop! Bloop!

Class Activities

Learn how to take Cornell notes

Learn how the human body systems work while dissecting crayfish, grasshoppers, frogs and fetal pigs

Perform exciting laboratory experiments

Get exposed to a variety of medical careers while working alongside  medical professionals

Participate in interactive and fun  lectures about the human body  systems


To expose the youth to the medical field via laboratory based-experiments


Many thanks to the Mount Sinai Health System of Chicago. . .

For housing the Mini Medical Program of North Lawndale and also treating each and everyone of us like royalty!  We are extremely appreciative of your hospitality. 

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The Mini Medical Program of North Lawndale

1500 South Fairfield Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60608, United States

(708) 717-7045


  Saturdays  9:00 am - 1:00 pm  

  Closed  Monday-Friday & Sunday

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